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Exclusive importer and distributor of the FASTER S.R.L company since 2003. FASTER is one of the leading European manufacturers of L.A.F instrumentation. TECHLAB is promoting, marketing and sales of all products FASTER:

     Airflow cabinets Faster Techlab


 - The Microbiological Safety Cabinets certified according to NFEN12469

 - Vertical Laminar Airflow Cabinets

 - Horizontal Laminar Airflow Cabinets

 - Cytotoxic safety Hoods

 - Hoods for secure for weighing

 - Chemical filters and hoods also industrial laminar flow units.


Airflow cabinets Faster catalog: Airflow cabinets Faster catalog Airflow cabinets Faster guide

Airflow cabinets Faster guide

for laboratory personnel:

TECHLAB also provides maintenance and servicing of all products FASTER, for new and old devices that are not in catalog.


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